Clean break or a lifelong meal ticket?

Meal ticket appeal: court endorses a clean break michael gouriet London is often dubbed the divorce capital of the world (perhaps in part due to the historical propensity of family courts to make.

Supreme Court rules in Mills v Mills: the end of a ‘meal ticket for life’? By john hyde 2018-07-18t10:28:00+01:00.. ‘The case highlights that only a total clean break, in cases where it is.

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The Court of Appeal’s latest family judgment of Waggott v Waggott [2018] EWCA civ 727 (waggott) provides another indication that the ‘meal ticket for life’ (via the joint lives maintenance order) is no longer something that wives can expect from the English courts.. The case involved Karen Waggott, ex-wife of successful businessman William Waggot, FD of TUI Travel, attempting to increase.

There was a lot of press coverage in the not too distant past about the higher earner no longer being a meal ticket for life, but how do the family courts actually determine whether a spouse ought to receive maintenance payments to assist them to meet their future needs.

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Divorce maintenance payments: the "meal ticket for life" 7th Feb, 2017 You marry, you divorce in 2002, your wife gets almost all the available capital totalling 230,000 and you keep your business; you pay her divorce maintenance payments (a monthly income payment).

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