Washington Cares More about ‘Collusion’ Than They Do the $21 Trillion National Debt

Before Laertes leaves for Paris, his father, Polonius, tells him: “Neither a borrower nor a lender be ” We have ignored that advice for far too long, which is why the U.S. national debt is $20.

I say, as they come, Tax them.” He added, “it means jobs and great wealth because of Tariffs we will be able to start paying down large amounts of $21 Trillion in debt. supposedly on national.

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WASHINGTON – The national debt is $21 trillion and counting. and the national debt was less than $6 trillion, according to the Treasury Department. More debt and higher deficits not only harm the.

They deal in copious amounts of money because they sell what hundreds of millions of people want to purchase and they do. debt never goes away. Last week, after eight years of publicly complaining.

When former National Economic Council director Gary Cohn’s staffers prepared a presentation for Trump about deficits, Cohn told them no. It wouldn’t be necessary, he said, because the president did.

More than $21 trillion in debt, it looks like Washington has forgotten some basic economics. More than 600 businesses have said that they have offered new and improved benefits to their workers.

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Trump is right that the total outstanding debt of the federal government is now about $21 trillion. propose more outlandish ways to make this problem worse. They feel increasingly pressured to.

Even with the recent tariff increases Trump has implemented or threatened to put in place, it clearly wouldn’t be enough to reduce the $21 trillion national debt. s not take care of our vets – all.